In a preppy and modern Nantucket home brimming with reclaimed and reused materials, the driftwood mantel in the family room stands out. The property owners found this reclaimed item of black walnut from the river log in the particular Mississippi River. The wooden was cleaned with compressed air and a smooth brush to remove any cobwebs or mud.


While the particular construction requires some ability, finding a piece associated with wood that would match in this area has been just as much associated with a challenge. "Finding the particular right size and design of the wood was a little difficult, " affirms Chris Komenda of Woodmeister Master Builders. "But for all of us, that's part of the fun of reusing something unique and reclaimed. "


Our other favorite component about this room within this National Green Constructing Standard Gold-certified home: The beautiful fireplace surround created from pieces of petrified wood. Woodmeister Master Builders obtained this unique piece through Cumar Marble and Granite within Everett, Mass.

Then three or more custom 3/8” metal discs were welded to the 3/4” steel dowel. The particular plates were screwed into the wall stud and covered with Venetian plaster, leaving the dowels sticking out. Three matching openings were drilled into the particular driftwood, and a silicon insert was used in order to attach the driftwood in order to the dowels. Because of this, the particular mantel appears to nearly float off of the particular wall.

Recently we were in a gallery admiring some large abstract paintings by the American artist McArthur Binion. A young couple was also in the gallery, and after a few minutes we overheard them commenting that they would love to purchase some large abstract art for their home, but they had no idea how it would fit in with the rest of their wall decor. They also voiced concern whether these paintings were so tall that they might not even fit on their wall. For us, the choice of whether to buy a particular work of art usually has nothing to do with the size of the piece or whether it will match other possessions. The choice is usually guided by something much more visceral—like we simply know that this object belongs to us. But the practical concerns of this couple got us thinking. What are the benefits of bringing a large abstract painting into a home? And what should people keep in mind so they do it in a way that makes sense for their space? After some thought, we came up with some ideas that, if we could, we would go back and share with that couple in the gallery. 
The biggest concern for the couple was whether or not one of the large paintings they were viewing would clash with their other belongings. What we would say to them now is that in reality, it is exceedingly rare for people to hold to the same furniture for more than about a decade. It is quite common today for people to completely get rid of furniture and start over. Design trends come and go. Paint preferences change on a whim. But your art will likely be with you for the rest of your life.

If you see a large abstract painting that you would like to own, you should not worry so much about whether it will fit in with the rest of your furniture or wall decor. Most of that stuff has a limited life span. Start with the art. Buy what you love. Then when the inevitable time comes to replace your furnishings and change the color of your walls, you can make choices that work in conversation with the art.

Large Paintings Create an Aesthetic Language
One of the most difficult things to do with a room is to define it with an overall aesthetic that ties the space and its furnishings together. Large abstract paintings are perfect for this goal since they can be interacted with purely according to their aesthetic values. Formal artistic elements within a painting such as a line, color, texture, shape, and pattern, can set the tone, so to speak, for an overall design by creating a visual language for the room.

For example, a large, red abstract painting with horizontal lines can create a visual theme that can be carried on through the room on furniture coverings, throw pillows, floor coverings, and accent pieces like vases or sculptures. The texture of the surface of the painting can be echoed in fabrics or personal objects occupying the room. Whatever aesthetic language is established by the art, allowing it to guide the other choices you make about the wall decor will establish a cohesive and welcoming tone for space, and draw even more attention to the art.

Large Abstract Painting Bridge Objects with Space
Small artworks can add intimacy to a room by inviting guests inward toward the work in order to consider it more closely. But often a space is so large or dramatic that a small painting can get lost or dominated by the architecture. Large abstract paintings are particularly valuable in such spaces. For example, if a room has two-story-high cathedral ceilings, a large abstract painting placed in the right spot, high off the floor, can help bridge the gap between the grandeur of the room and the human scale of the wall decor.

If a room is particularly dominant in its style, such as being overly ornate, overly minimal or overly geometric, the shapes and forms in the artwork can help negotiate that impact. For example, biomorphic shapes in a large painting can assuage the aggression of a precise, Modernist, geometric room, or vice versa. And since a large abstract painting is easy to read from afar, viewers need not be right up close to it in order to enjoy it.

Mood, Attitude and Light
We all know how important it is to create the right atmosphere in our home. A large abstract painting can establish an immediate mood for a room through the elements of color, pattern, and composition. In a room where socializing will occur, an energetic pattern or a composition that implies movement can set a lively mood. In a room designed for relaxing, an abstract painting defined by subdued colors or a harmonious composition can create an atmosphere of calm introspection.

Lighting is the other major factor that determines the mood of a room. A large abstract painting can maximize the value of ambient light. The surface of the painting will reflect any indirect light in the room. And if you paint the wall a slightly darker color or tone, the painting will attract more light and become a subtle source of illumination. One consideration to keep in mind if framing a large painting is to use Conservation Reflection Control glass, so the painting will reflect light but the glass will not.
The last main concern that the couple in the gallery had was where in their home a large abstract painting could possibly go. They were specifically worried that it might not fit on their wall. We can never know how big their home was or how many empty walls they had. But we do know that most building codes require ceilings to be at least seven feet (2134 mm) high in order for a room to be considered habitable. We look at art almost every day, either for work or fun. We have only seen a few paintings larger than seven feet tall outside of a museum or a public space. Even Franz Kline, who was known for large canvasses, rarely painted anything more than 96 inches tall.

In fact, if you have ever tried to find a painting to hang in a space with cathedral ceilings you know how difficult it can be to find a single work of art that large. So if you are in a gallery or shopping for art online, rest assured that in almost all cases the work you are looking at has been curated with at least some thought given to residential buyers. There are many large abstract paintings for sale, but none are so large that you will have to raise your ceiling in order to fit them in your home. So if you are considering buying a large abstract painting, we say go for it! Follow our tips, and chances are it will make a dramatic and welcoming statement that will follow you, happily, for the rest of your life. Offers Best Handmade Large Abstract Painting On Canvas. Cheap Extra Large Modern Abstract Canvas Wall Art for Sale Free Shipping.

A couple of Sides to Black and White Canvas Art
On a new wall, the most flexible thing about black in addition to white is the fact, according to it can usage, it could either end up being the loudest part of typically the room or the quietest. When utilizing Large Black and White Canvas Art, Kristy prefers more modern, abstract pieces of which leave no room another focal point. Beth will be a fan of dark and white art of which blends softly with the particular other pieces in the room, allowing every factor to have its second in the spotlight within a way that whispers as opposed to yells.
K: We adore the clean, uncluttered lines of recent art plus the way it can look simply a little different at every glance. My favorite factor to do with an item like this is in order to input it in a more traditional room. The distinction is amazing.

K: Just what a wow-factor in a space that could possess been so boring. Yes, the elephants are incredible, but it’s the fine art here that makes this specific space come alive.

Exactly what I love a great deal concerning a piece like this particular is the fact that if you change it the other way, it has an entirely different effect. Plus, an individual doesn’t have to get worried about sinking a lot of cash directly into a piece that may possibly not fit in another residence because it can increase or shrink to fit numerous spaces. That being stated, you will possibly not want to inform the designer

We usually are Kristy and Beth, a new daughter and mother, 21, and, well, more aged than 21, respectively. Beth’s style is usually very traditional but constantly with a punch associated with something unexpected. Kristy wants modern-day decor and likes taking risks. While our styles don’t always nylon uppers, fortunately, there’s usually a place where we satisfy in the middle. Today we’re sharing our thoughts about a design staple: grayscale art.

The thing we all can both agree upon is that one of the most popular ways to integrate that all-important touch regarding black is to hang this on our walls. Offers Best Handmade Large Abstract Painting On Canvas. Cheap Extra Large Modern Abstract Canvas Wall Art for Sale Free Shipping

how to Investing in abstract oil painting wall art

In the history of art has a place in the market is bound to have value, this logic is certain. Therefore, as the highest stage of modern art, abstract art will sooner or later reflect its due value. Offers Best Handmade Large Abstract Painting On Canvas. Cheap Extra Large Modern Abstract Canvas Wall Art for Sale Free Shipping.

In the history of art, there have been two revolutions in modern art since the Impressionist school. One is the color revolution, the other is the plastic revolution represented by Picasso. After going to the extreme, they all come to the most basic elements of painting. A painting is made up of the most basic elements of point, line, surface, and color, without any concrete symbols, and returns to the art itself."It is better to express inner feelings in abstract form, which is the emancipation of the audience's imagination."

Horizontal Wall Art  Large Abstract Paintings

One artist claimed."This is different from the art that served some ideas and ideologies before. In Abstract painting, art completely returns to the self-realization of people's spirit," an insider told reporters. This is what we call pure art. According to the general law of things, it can also be called back to the dot. In the history of art, it must be valuable in the market. This logic is certain. Therefore, as the highest stage of modern art, abstract art will show its due value sooner or later. This is an indicator of the history of art. In the international market, the value of abstract painting has long been recognized. It is understood that abstract works are the most expensive art auction markets in the world at present. American abstract expressionist painter Pollock, whose single work captured 140 million US dollars, two of the most famous abstract painters living in France in China, Zhao Wuji and Zhu Dequn, academicians of the French Academy of Art, are among the Chinese artists at present. The international price of abstract painting is the highest, and each work can reach tens of millions of dollars. Handmade Large Abstract Painting on Canvas Sale Online, Oversized Abstract Wall Art , Minimalist Art Black and White Painting for Home and Office Decor

Simple Abstract Art Large Painting Canvas