Rather than an "art", canvas wall paintings are seen more as new, cheap and popular interior decoration. Maybe we won't notice that, whether it's humble posters or these canvas paintings that can be bought everywhere, they are inherited from the rich and civilized wall art of human beings. Masters' famous paintings are their predecessors. Therefore, what we can see from the decorative paintings on the wall is not only the beauty of decorating a room but also a popular spread of humanities and arts in modern homes. It may be more profound than you realize.

In the homes of merchants in the 17th century in the Netherlands, Vermeer ’s custom paintings were nothing more than wall paintings, although these works are now far beyond the meaning of “wall decorations”; during the Republic of China, there was a Qi Baishi or Zhang Daqian It is a decent and beautiful decoration. Of course, these "decorative paintings" are no longer the same ... canvas art paintings on the wall are often not considered as art today, but they have been accompanied by art in history.

"The real meaning of art for the public is not those artworks that are not allowed to be copied and stay in the Louvre, but the reproduction oil paintings of Monet that we can still buy in the home store, hanging in the room." BBC documentary "On the Wall A narration of "Art" finds an accurate "location" in the home for decorative painting. With the development of industrial printing technology, "copying" of works of art into wall-decorative paintings has become a fashion, allowing the general public to enjoy the art and culture at home while beautifying their homes. With the awakening of people's awareness of wall decoration, landscape photos, comic illustrations, and design pictures were once popular as wall art canvas paintings in Europe and the United States. The lifeless wall surfaces have also become lively and moving because of these various canvas paintings.

hand-painted abstract canvas wall art for home decor

Chinese styles are not to be missed among the colorful decorative paintings on the market. The "new Chinese style" has been continuously interpreted in the home market in recent years, and the accompanying Chinese style decorative paintings have also brought us new and interesting perspectives. This kind of design contains a traditional Chinese soul, while firmly maintaining the modern appearance, it can be widely used in various styles of home space.
    For example, in the new Chinese-style model houses, similar products are often seen: shells and mica form a gold-silver cloud sea mantle. On top of the abstract shape, the ethereal and atmosphere of Chinese thinking will still emerge leisurely; The rope is rolled into a golden circle shading, and the agile "fish" cut by silver metal pieces swims on it. Although there is no blank space, Chinese mood is felt everywhere; a few branches of red plum in a simple background triptych The blooming, "floating" sweet and faint fragrance ... new Chinese works with different materials and different methods, get rid of the seriousness and heaviness of traditional Chinese art. Sex, or ethereal temperament, the combination of tradition and fashion radiates passionate sparks.

For modern Chinese families, abstract canvas painting is a subtle existence. It's not an extension of traditional life, it's more like an "exotic product"; it doesn't seem so strange, because our walls are often not empty, what is there that makes the walls not so boring

    In European-style, French-style, and American-style homes, we have a clearer impression of "what will exist on the wall". For example, the walls of European-style homes may have classical paintings, traditional busts or full-length portraits; French homes may have old hand-painted small hanging pictures and small cloth collages; American homes may have a nautical chart or hand-painted landscape painting framed on a black frame on the wall ... Of course, it is far more than that.
    For most modern families, simple and modern decoration provides more stage for the display of abstract art painting. The bedside background wall is not left blank. A group of distant landscape photography is brewing emotions. A spring-filled garden landscape is refreshing, and a simple abstract graphic decoration painting secretly interprets your soul and ideas ... living room background wall, Porch, restaurant wall is also a good place to hang wall paintings. A shell collage decoration painting instantly makes the space alive, and a playful illustration reflects your humor ... If you are still complaining about the boring monotony at home, the large abstract wall art will be the first touch of the space.

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Good artwork has the potential to awe all individuals who apprehend it. as artists are producing more and more artwork, an increasing number of people are gradually becoming artwork enthusiasts. it's far there, mot very surprising that original art is being so admired in recent times. and as more humans are trying to find art on the market by means of the artist, it's miles becoming harder to find them.

Nowadays, locating unique art can be quite a tedious job for one who does now not recognize where to look for it. however, if sufficient research is executed then the task turns out to be quite clean. a lot of contemporary abstract artists want to promote their works via web sites or exhibitions. a few even sell via their own art galleries. if you have enough understanding about the sector of art then it is easy to discover a suitable painting via those resources.

there is also various abstract art for sale stores, galleries and even a few fixtures shops that sell unique artwork. QIQIART offers the best handmade Large Abstract Art Paintings On Canvas For Wall Decor. Free shipping and return. consequently, one can even search for true artwork here. additionally, options like local flea markets or change suggest also can be taken into consideration.

a greater variety of paintings for sale also can be observed at the net. be its abstract artwork, floral artwork or another type, it's miles all to be had at the net. for online buying of artwork, the sites of the numerous artwork dealers can be visited. one can also visit the sites of the artists themselves as many artists have their personal websites and promote their paintings through them. the main benefit of searching out artwork on-line is that you can actually access a terrific sort of artwork. in lots of cases, online shopping may prove to be less expensive.

Auction sites are also another option. many artists at the rise choose to promote their work through those websites. however, the main downside of purchasing on-line is that one has best the seller's description of the portray to trust. that is, the buyer cannot go over and check out the piece of artwork in person earlier than shopping for it. consequently, it's miles smart to get clear about the terms of returning the portray ought to now not be in good condition or has been represented poorly.

one must however no longer be discouraged by means of this downside as a maximum of these on-line artwork galleries are reputed and properly hooked up. as such, they may be pretty safe to buy from. with so many sources to be had, one with the required information can be positive to discover the portray one is searching out

abstract landscape artwork is both abstract and landscape. this method of painting can contain a fantastic deal of creative expression both by using altering surroundings that exist in real life or via developing an imagined placing. the abstraction may be accomplished with none symbolic importance or the abstraction can constitute a concept and specific the artists' internal feelings and emotions.

Abstract landscape paintings are intentionally different from what exists in actual existence. the artist has the freedom to use an unrealistic color palette, exaggerate forms, and use information and texture that explicit pretty much anything the artist is feeling. abstract panorama artwork can provide the viewer with any other manner of seeing the natural environment. some artists abstract the landscape by means of breaking it down into simple colorations and shapes. others cross up to now as to try to specify the strength of lifestyles and nature. they manage to communicate an experience of human emotion using the earth, air, hearth, and water elements.

because those artwork makes use of characteristics from the abstract art movement it isn't always unusual to discover uncommon materials in the painting. as an instance, an artist may upload seashells, leaves, sand, string, and lots of other substances. that artwork frequently has visible or tactile texture. the artist also can emphasize the qualities of mild in distinct approaches via using iridescent or metallic paint.

expressing the innovative thoughts and spirit, abstract landscape artwork shows an interwoven reference to man and nature. while the abstract panorama artist seeks to create a composition that is exceptional and particular, there may be constantly a diffused familiarity. it is this intrigue of strange and familiar which could seize the viewer's attention and permit for a spread of interpretations.

In a preppy and modern Nantucket home brimming with reclaimed and reused materials, the driftwood mantel in the family room stands out. The property owners found this reclaimed item of black walnut from the river log in the particular Mississippi River. The wooden was cleaned with compressed air and a smooth brush to remove any cobwebs or mud.


While the particular construction requires some ability, finding a piece associated with wood that would match in this area has been just as much associated with a challenge. "Finding the particular right size and design of the wood was a little difficult, " affirms Chris Komenda of Woodmeister Master Builders. "But for all of us, that's part of the fun of reusing something unique and reclaimed. "


Our other favorite component about this room within this National Green Constructing Standard Gold-certified home: The beautiful fireplace surround created from pieces of petrified wood. Woodmeister Master Builders obtained this unique piece through Cumar Marble and Granite within Everett, Mass.

Then three or more custom 3/8” metal discs were welded to the 3/4” steel dowel. The particular plates were screwed into the wall stud and covered with Venetian plaster, leaving the dowels sticking out. Three matching openings were drilled into the particular driftwood, and a silicon insert was used in order to attach the driftwood in order to the dowels. Because of this, the particular mantel appears to nearly float off of the particular wall.