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What kind of art do you like? Choosing a specific piece of work can seem like a daunting task when it comes to choosing wall decorations for your room. Throughout history, there have been many decorative styles. Abstract style is one of the most common and fascinating types. When we think about it, we tend to think about painting and sculpture. However, all kinds of media have the characteristics of abstract art paintings. However, it can be used by a wide variety of media. In order to appreciate canvas abstract art better, we should understand exactly what it is.

The meaning of "Abstract Art" can be very broad. But a precise definition is the 1900s' western style of art, where: A) discarding representational forms, and B) there is no beginning or end in nature. It is important to note that it is entirely a modern art form. The reason is that art itself is abstract. In other words, abstraction is not based on a particular object or nature itself.

When did abstract art begin? At the end of the 1800s, artists began to reject the idea that art could reproduce objects and nature. Instead, they began to focus on revealing one's thoughts and subconscious ideas. Today, this type takes many forms, such as canvas wall art. It doesn't start with a particular art form. Instead, it developed in parallel with other movements, namely cubism, expressionism, and fauvism.

The Russian painter Wassily Kandinsky was widely acclaimed as the first artist to specialize in using abstract art. It was circa 1910. Then, around 1915-1920, it became increasingly popular with the De Stijl group in the Netherlands.

The idea quickly gained popularity in the United States thanks to two European exhibitions in the 1900s. The first was in New York (1913) and the second was in San Francisco (1917). During this time, several young American painters, such as Georgia O'Keeffe, began experimenting with new artistic styles. Between the first and Second World Wars, abstract art developed. In fact, by the 1930s, it had become the defining feature of Western art.

After World War II, the art form of abstract expressionism was born in the United States. In fact, it greatly influenced sculpture and oil painting on canvas in the United States and Europe.

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In the 1950s, minimalism became a major catalyst for abstract art. Some of today's abstract wall art depicts this style of art. This form is simpler and less personalized than previous variants. Over time, the focus has evolved to explore the relationship between form and color. By the early 21st century, art forms such as concept and image art had become as important as abstract art.

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