At present, there are mainly three kinds of oil painting market, namely, filling Black and White Abstract Canvas Art, spray painting oil painting and Large Handmade Abstract Painting. Oil painting is generally widely used in home decoration. If there are conditions at home, many friends will buy it and hang it on the wall of the living room to decorate it. It will look more atmospheric and beautiful. But many times there may be some counterfeits, how to distinguish filling oil painting from hand-painted oil painting and spray painting?

Large Abstract Minimalist Art, Black White Yellow Paintings, Large Art

(1) Painting with colours
Print on canvas first, then process with oil paint. This kind of  Black and White Abstract Painting can change slightly in a year and a half, and it will become worse with the passage of time. This is due to chemical changes in printing colours and oil paints. There are many such emulated paintings on the market. Appearance is difficult to judge, because the appearance is not very different from the manual painting, but through the strong light from the back of the painting, the picture is relatively neat at the black-white junction between objects, can be wiped with a wet towel can have a clear sense of color, there is also a way to distinguish, because of the printed canvas, there may be a circle of print marks around. But there are also some printers that do not print background. If they are exposed to strong light, they may also see the trace that is printed.

(2) Oil-jet Painting
It is directly sprayed with a printer. It has smooth surface, no brush touch, no stereoscopic feeling and easy to fade.

(3) Pure handmade paintings
Hand-painted Big Modern Canvas Art, canvas usually choose professional linen, high-grade linen, the brush feel is good. In the strong light, there will be no fill-in oil painting, you can also use the method just now, wipe the back color of the screen will not appear a sense of color, this is the reason that oil paints are insoluble in water.

The plasticity of the paste oil paint for the painter has brought a flexible, broad and free  Extra Large Abstract Canvas Art space. And in addition to brushes, painters can use a variety of tools such as scrapers to paint. The painter can combine the effects of transparency and opacity in the entire range of the same picture.


Oily pigments drying slowly, painters can repeatedly alter the picture, and can directly color on the screen.

Large Black and White Art are bright in color, conducive to the description of the image texture, can fully express the complex tone levels of the image, with transparent, thick and rich superior effect.

Different toners can be used to control the drying time of the color. The contrast of the thickness of the color layer and the change of the brush strokes can be used to produce rich texture of the picture, or to paint on the surface with texture, or to add granular substances to the pigment to express special objects.

Big Black and White Painting have strong covering power and plasticity. It can be completed at one time or covered by multiple layers, and the color layer will not fall off. The oil reservoir is firm and durable after drying, and the color is bright. There is no change in the pigments during drying. It can draw large-scale canvas Large Black and White Art, which are easy to transport, decorate, collect, preserve and clean.

large abstract paintings on canvas-Not long after Raphael's death,Big Canvas Art as a whole, the golden age of Renaissance art in the heyday of Italy was over, and a new art began to appear.
Da Vinci, Michelangelo, Raphael and other masters created a large number of brilliant art products, established a perfect model.
In people's eyes, they are the most perfect embodiment of rational thinking. Later artists could not help feeling that they are facing the sea.
Some young Italian artists,Black and White Wall Art inspired by the drum dance created by Michelangelo and Raphael, try to imitate and develop their styles
regardless of the inner spirit of their works.
Others, who are more talented and ambitious, are committed to change and innovation in formal language, and to showing their own characteristics in their works.
In general, their creation deviated from the ideals and basic principles of Renaissance art in its heyday, and abandoned its natural, harmonious and pure artistic style.
They pursue a style with unique visual effects and strong sense of form.
Works from their hands, often with carved meaning, cold and distant taste,Contemporary Wall Art quite subjective and fantasy color.
But for those with fancy tastes, they are something of a charm.HANDMADE ABSTRACT ART MODERN WALL ART

This artistic phenomenon was popular after the Renaissance in its heyday and before the baroque era. Historians called it stylistic art.
Chinese people also have according to the western translation of stylistic or decorative art.

Florence is the birthplace and most important center of style art.
Under sarto, there emerged the early representatives of stylistics, pondolmo and Russell.

Pontormo (1494--1557), whose real name is Jacob kalusi, has a distinct personal style. The name Pontormo comes from the small village where he was born.
He entered sato's workshop in 1512, and his work showed more new elements than his teacher's.
The most characteristic work of pondolmo's style is "under the cross of Christ" (about 1526--1528), which is filled with images of characters stuck almost completely flat on the foreground. These light colored and smooth figures seem to
float like clouds in the void without a sense of real space.
They lack a sense of volume and weight, like thin paper cuts.
Christ's posture is reminiscent of the Christ in Michelangelo's lament for Christ, but lacks a sense of weight or substance.
The virgin Mary and the other characters are full of a strange surprise and anxiety, the whole picture is full of a dreamy feeling, one
A sense of unreality.
Although the picture is elegant and exquisite, but there is no natural calm style and friendly effect.
In short, there is a clear distance from the works of the Renaissance in its heyday.


large abstract paintings on canvas

It is a common technique of classical realistic painting to use texture to achieve visual satisfaction.
Modernist school painter pays more attention to texture, even cloth piece,Large Canvas Art Cheap grass root, leaf and so on real object affix directly on the picture.
Here introduce several oil painting techniques that use texture to display the material-like texture:Plush: use a small brush to form a piece or use a small pen, a hard stick, etc. in a place of good color.
In the traditional method, there is the use of wood chips, sand and other things, specific practice: apply the glue solution to the required location, the glue surface is scattered with clean wood chips after screening, after the glue
and wood chips bonding, remove the excess wood chips (erect picture frame, pat on the back), dry after to prevent wood chips absorption, to spray a layer of glue solution on the surface.
Dong xiwen used millet as texture when he painted the carpet in the founding ceremony.Texture of grass: can be traced with a small pen.
The large area of grassland is often used dry dragging method, which USES a large amount of thick color to drag the brush,Large Canvas Art Sale  and then drags the brush again and again until
the effect of thick grass is produced. The auxiliary tools such as painting knife and fan pen can be used.
The traditional method of expression is to use white pigment to speed up the dry oil to rub out the texture of grass on the bottom layer, and cover the color after drying, in order to make the color layer rich, you can use a small pen to

To use propylene material for texture, you need to spray the surface before coloring.
An American painter, Mr. Wise, used a slightly squished, rough-colored brush filled with water to paint the underlying layers of dried grass or fur.

The powder paste made by mixing big white powder or lide powder with latex can be made into a variety of texture, but not too thick, otherwise there is the possibility of falling off, so you can borrow the cutter when presenting the
grain such as wood grain.
When coloring, you can first reverse color.
If the effect is cold, use a light warm grey (brown with a small amount of black).
Then wipe with a clean cloth, and the color seeps into the crevices of the texture.Large Wall Art This layer of paint can be applied with propylene, as it dries quickly and firmly and ACTS on
the subsequent multiple appearances, and the turpentine is not easy to wash off.
The following USES the scratch, the cover repeatedly to be able to achieve the desired effect.

What are the materials and methods of oil painting texture

Oil paintings often use texture to fully express the external features of objects.
Texture is a special art effect that can make the picture touchable. It is hard to achieve by flat painting and coloring. It includes the texture of canvas, rough ground, changes of brush strokes, application of knife techniques and use
of additives.

There is no lack of models of using texture in ancient oil paintings. Rembrandt's texture making is part of his technique.
Most classical masters use their own blend of white to create texture, and then use transparent painting on layer by layer.
Modern artists usually use big white powder and latex to make texture on the base or directly use white oil paint to make texture.
For example, the painter ai xuan USES white paint to make the quick dry oil (made in Japan, which is mixed with white paint and used to dry within 24 hours), and USES large-sized lui oil brush to apply rubbing and other expressive
methods to make the texture with a fluffy feel.
The painter, he duoling, used "Modeling" to shape the cream (featuring strong plasticity and easiness) to make the texture, and changed the writing style according to the texture of the image.